The Montessori Approach

Over a century ago, Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori discovered children learn best in secure, child-centered environment specifically designed and organized to meet their needs. Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophy of education quickly took shape as a highly regarded world wide movement. Drawing upon her clinical understanding of children’s cognitive growth and development, she created an educational framework that respects individuality and fulfills the needs of the whole child.

At Toddler Creed, we continue her pioneering work, educating children to become self-motivated, independent life-long learners. Our students don’t just learn, they learn how to learn effectively and efficiently. We address individual child’s needs, nurture their unique learning styles, and allow them to steadily progress at their own pace. The patterns of concentration and persistence developed here produce confident learners in later years.

Course Outline

1. Child education history and philosophy80
2. Child psychology80
3. Child health, nutrition and development80
4. School administration80
6. Practical and assignments50
7. Final exam50

Course highlights

Aim: On completion of course, become employable as a preschool teacher.

  • Learn the latest teaching methodologies including Montessori method, Froebel Method, Waldrofs’ Method, etc.

  • Emphasis on practical training

  • Creative workshops

  • Highly interactive learning with 3 way interaction between trainers, trainees and children.

  • Educative for mothers who are involved in their child’s education

  • Ideally designed for housewives looking at a career in teaching

  • Potential for employment with Toddler Creed

  • Enhance your creative talent

  • Learn to interact with children with difficulties

  • Course designed by leading experts in the field of early childhood education