Day Care

Toddler Creed Day Care and Evening Activities 9 am- 7 pm

A safe Haven for your child while you are working hard to make a living!

Once a Child asked her mom, “Will you give a bag full of money to an unknown person to keep with her?, Mom with slight irritation said, “ Obviously not! How can I trust her with the bag full of money, when she is alone at home?” ” but you keep me with her mom, for the whole day, with no one around stay came the reply from the child!

We understand the value of good company and we at Toddler Creed make sure that we provide a caring environment for the child by having a hierarchy of staff. A Coordinator supervises the Day Care Teacher and the ancillary staff so that the hygiene and safety standards are met. We believe that staying alone at home with an unknown care taker is not the best option for the child.

A demo of Day Care environment at Toddler Creed is worth trying! Please ask one of our Coordinators to set up a free trial of day care for your child.

Activities begin at 4 pm, starting with self study time for an hour, followed by Art, Clay Modelling, Dance, Music and exercises upto 7 pm.